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Invitation to Life

Series: Gospel of John: Season 2

On Resurrection Sunday, we find people seeking Jesus in the tomb and shocked by what they find. In John 6, we find people seeking Jesus across the sea and shocked by what they hear. In both accounts, we find an invitation to eternal life. Pastor Alex looks at John 6 where Jesus tells us "I am the bread of life" and shows how one finds life in the bread of life and eats the bread of life.

Speaker: Alex Melton

March 31, 2024
John 6:22-59'>John 6:22-59

Alex Melton

Senior Pastor

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Follow Along with the Message

John 6:22-59

Jesus alone satisfies and gives life to the human heart

1. Every person is hungry and empty

2. Only the Bread of Life gives life to our souls

3. Eat the Bread of Life and live


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