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Contending for the Faith: Lessons from Jude

Series: Little Books with Big Truths

What if the greatest danger to the church is not from clearly opposing voices in the culture, but people sneaking in to teach a different message? Jude writes to the early church and the today's church that all Christians need to contend for the faith delivered by God. Pastor Alex walks through what it looks like to contend for the faith today.

Speaker: Alex Melton

August 13, 2023
Jude 1:1-25'>Jude 1:1-25

Alex Melton

Senior Pastor

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Follow Along with the Message

Jude 1-25

Contend for the true Gospel by anchoring our lives in Christ's unwavering truth

1. Recognize the urgency of the battle for truth

2. Resist false teachers as they lead you into sin

3. Keep yourself in the love of God


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